TurboXS Top Mount Intercooler Subaru WRX 2002-2007



Turbo XS
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The TurboXS Top Mount Intercooler (TMIC) for the WRX features a massive bar and plate core for optimal performance and minimal pressure drop. This upgraded TMIC is more than twice the size of a stock WRX intercooler. TurboXS includes a silicon y-pipe and t-bolt clamps for optimal flow and reliability. The t-bolt clamps and silicone eliminate problems related to the intercooler hoses popping off under high boost pressures. The TurboXS TMIC accommodate any BOV designed to fit a stock 02-07 WRX intercooler.

Core Dimensions: 19inx8inx4.5in

NOTE: WRX TMIC shown in picture. FXT model is same core with slightly different Silicone Y-piece.

Part Number: WS-TMIC


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