Turn In Concepts Delrin Steering Rack Bushing Scion FR-S 2013-2016 / Subaru BRZ 2013-2017

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SCCA ST class legal!!

So we've had this BRZ for a while, and in going through it we found a vast number of shortcomings for your performance enthusiast looking for a bit more.

One of the first things out of the box that we were unhappy with were the steering rack bushings.

Here's what we found:

  • Stock bushings use a bolt with a rolled thread. This means that the shank is only 11mm.
  • The stock bushing crush tube has a bore of over 13mm.
  • Between those two items you immediately have a good bit of slop. Sure you could argue that small amount isn't that much, and you'd be right until you consider what that translates to at the tire.
  • The other big item we found is that the rubber is soft. I mean S.O.F.T. Like bubblegum. Not so good.
  • The last item we found is the hole on the rack for the stock bushings isn't all that concentric. That would explain the really soft rubber.
  • I mean here's this car than handles great out of the box, but could be made that much better with some simple forethought on how the car is going to be used. Especially when someone throws on a set of sticky tires. What's going to happen then? I can tell you - slop, inprecision, poor handling. Not good.

    So what we did was make something better, and here's how:
  • Our bushings are DELRIN. Nice and solid, and fill more of the hole on the rack.
  • Our bushings have a bore that fits the bolt with a proper clearance
  • Our bushings get you a new grade 8 bolt with a consistent thread to shank transition
  • Our bushings feature a split design for easier install.
  • Our bushings also use retaining o-rings to make for a really tight fit to account for stock bore inconsistencies so you get a postive snap into place.

    In other words you get what should be in there from the factory. Plain, simple, and functional. Just how we like to do things here at TiC.


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