Walbro 400LPH Fuel Pump & Deatschwerks 1000cc Sidefeed Injectors for 04-06 STI/05-06 Legacy GT


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This new pump (P/N: F90000262) has been rated at an astonishing 400LPH on 13.5 Volt at 40PSI, higher than any other in-tank turbine pump on the market. This pump has been designed on the OEM proven 39mm armature that has been use for years in many OEM applications currently in use today. This armature coupled with the dual channel single stage turbine impeller allows this pump to function in today’s high pressure injection fuel systems as well as function exceptionally well in hot fuel handling. 

Deatschwerks Subaru WRX & STI top-feed & side-feed fuel injectors are engineered to fit your OEM harness, fuel rail and manifold and are built using only quality OEM cores. Each set of Deatschwerks WRX & STI injectors is balanced within 2% variation, making them easy to tune. This means better fitment, easier tuning, and increased reliability. Deatschwerks injectors are backed by a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Deatschwerks performs flow balancing and quality assurance testing on every set of injectors they produce, ensuring that the end product is top-notch. Deatschwerks WRX & STI injectors are tested and analyzed at over 40 data points on DW's in-house New Age Technologies injector flow bench. While Deatschwerks WRX & STI injectors are manufactured from used OEM cores, you can rest assure that you are receiving a top-quality, reliable, well-performing product at a price that is hard to pass up.


  • 1x Walbro 400LPH Fuel Pump
  • 1x Walbro Install Kit - Universal
  • 1x Deatschwerks 1000cc Side Feed Injector Set




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