Walbro GSS342 Fuel Pump + Innovate LC-2 Combo - Universal

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Bosch Wideband Sensor Included* The LC-12is a complete wideband controller built in to a sealed cable. It features the same award-winning patented digital measurement principal found in the LM-1, and includes digital input, output, and 2 programmable analog outputs.

The Walbro fuel pump is the staple fuel pump for the performance market. Chances are, if someone's selling a high-volume fuel pump, it's a rebadged Walbro. The GSS342 is capable of flowing 255 liters per hour (lph), making it unsurpassed for performance, particularly in a turbocharged vehicle like the Mitsubishi. As if this weren't enough, Walbro's specific setup kit makes installation a cinch, as it includes the filter, isolator, and all other necessary hardware for a direct installation.

Included: GSS342 Fuel Pump & Innovate LC-2


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