Whiteline Adjustable Rear Strut Bar Subaru WRX WAGON 2002-2007

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Whiteline adjustable Rear Strut Bar 02-07 WRX WAGON. Whiteline has developed an 02-07 WRX wagon specific bar, featuring all the standard adjustablility of their standard rear bar but adding the convenience of a quick-release mechanism to remove the bar for extra cargo space in your wagon. Does not fit the WRX sedan or STI!

Part Number: KSB586Q


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Very noticible in handling

, Jul 5, 2012
Just like the above mentioned comment, the only issue i have is the ease of the quick release, other than that it makes my wagon corner great! Oh yeah, always lift your car when installing strut tower braces. This will allow the shocks or coilovers to do there job the way there ment to , if you dont believe it try installing on the ground first, then drive it ,go back & readjust & tighten in the air, then drive & you should notice a big difference in handling ! This is something i learned from a suspension guy back in the early 90's & i have read that Tanabe recommands this procedure.

a must-install product for all wagons

, Feb 19, 2010
the handling difference is immediately noticed. installation is a piece of cake, just make sure you do not overtorque the bolts of the strut top mount. there is also some trimming involved of the interior. I am also using the quick-release kit with this as I use my wagon for its purpose. It is a great kit but its not as easy to "release" as I expected. either side of the brace hole if off center with the strut top mount aseembly hole, by just a little bit so you will install one side fairly easy but then the other side will be a little tough to put the bolt through. "Releasing" would be the opposite, the first bolt will be hard to remove and the last will be easy. When installed, I felt the car was in control throughout the turn. Without this bar, you will feel like you're in control of the wagon but as you progress into the turn, you lose that control as the chassis isn't stable in the rear. If you're going to install only one bar out of the STBs or Sways, install the rear STB for all wagons. Josh also offered great customer service and gave me a substantial discount for this brace and kit as I found a website that sold it for cheaper. He also kept his word on an initial quote he gave me as he didn't realize I live in Hawaii. Great salesman, will recommend to all subaru enthusiasts.

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