Whiteline Anti-Dive Caster Kit Ralliart 2009-2013

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The Whiteline anti-dive caster kit 09-13 Mitsubishi Ralliart dramatically improves vehicle stability. In stock form the front end of the Ralliart has a tendency to move around which equate to less then predictable handling. The front end will lift up when accelerating and dive to the ground when braking aggressively. The anti-dive kit, or commonly referred to as the WALK kit, from Whiteline keeps the front end under control and provides the driver with more predictable handling.

This kit incorporates a metal bearing for the least amount of deflection as possible and can add up to 0.5 degrees of caster. As a result of using the metal bushings, increased noise and harshness is to be expected.



  • Adjustment Range:
  • Caster: +/- .50 degrees


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