Whiteline Bump-Steer Correction Kit Ford Focus 2008-2012

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A negative side effect of lowering your Focus can be the induction of bump-steer. Bump-steer is the concept of bumps or imperfections in the road causing a car to steer off-track on its own without any driver input. This is described by many drivers as needing constant direction correction when steering over a bump. This annoying and sometimes even dangerous effect is the result of poor suspension geometry when a vehicle is lowered below factory specs. Many focus owners simply learn to live with this issue, but that is no longer necessary. Whiteline has developed this bolt kit to reduce factory toe out from 6mm to 1mm during bumps. This is a great fix for ford focus' that see daily or any street driving. For racing it is beneficial to reduce the amount of bump steer to give a more positive feel and sharper handling while reducing understeer.


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